How the Salt has lost its savor

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Revelation 3:22

     Just prior to the Great Awakening of England and America, Churches were spiritually cold, salvation was not being preached, holy living and separation from the world was unheard of and many pastors were living in open sin, far from the example members needed. The church had been compromised, the salt had lost its savor and the light of England and America was growing dim. Then God raised up men such as John Wesley, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards. In England, Wesley and Whitefield were not allowed to speak in the churches mainly because those who were using the church for social purposes opposed them.
     The clergy who were supposed to support them were the ones against them, but the common people received their messages gladly and the word of God increased greatly. Even though some of these great preachers often were attacked from time to time, revival still came.
      What about today? Has the church been compromised as in the days prior to the Great Awakening? Unfortunately yes! Because of the compromises that have taken place in the last generation, it has caused the church to lose the influence it once had in our communities.
      How have the churches compromised? Just as the seven churches in Revelation did, they are learning the ways of the world. They ignored clear biblical principals like:
• Allowing Jezebels to teach and seduce her pupils
• Eating meat that was blessed by other gods.
• Allowing false doctrines of the Nicolanites, which Christ himself hated.

     To the point that like the church of Laodicea thought they were rich, clothed and had need of nothing, but the Lord said they were wretched, poor, blind and naked. Why? Because they were looking at the physical and not the spiritual that brought the right physical needs. That is where the church is today. What are the compromises and what principals have we ignored?

• The Church makes the world feel more comfortable so they will come back.
     The purpose of the church is to edify the believers in holy living and in the singing of Godly music, not to make the church more like the world. During the early church, no man dared to join the church because it meant a changing of the heart that would lead to a change in lifestyle. Today, pastors tend to drive away families who dearly love the Lord, because of compromises that have entered to allow those that are half hearted to feel more comfortable rather than challenged.

• The Church has allowed godless and even demonic music in the church.

     In one generation we have given up the gracious hymns for music that filtered in as praise or contemporary music. Let us not forget that Lucifer was the music director in heaven before his fall (Ezek. 28:13 some modern translations deny this fact). In some of the churches I served in where all that was sung was hymns. Within a year it would be half hymns and half praise and once in a while a contemporary song would be done. Another year would pass and less hymns and more contemporary music came to the point that services would be divided. Alas traditional service vs Contemporary service. Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand. How would the saints of God receive the music in your church one hundred years ago? Even Fanny Crosby realized before she died that the music in the church was becoming worldlier.

• The church has divided its families     

     Even though Sunday school has benefited many of the saints, it was designed only for those kids who could not go to school and the only day off they had was Sunday. They were evangelized and were taught how to read and write so they could better themselves and meditate on the word of God.
     Now we have services that take babies to the nursery, our young children to children’s church, then the older ones go to their classes. This is a tactic of the world. The idea of segregating people by age was from a humanist. From the time of the early church until 50 years ago, church united families to sing and worship together and little ones learned to obey. One thing that Sunday school has done negatively was to release the father’s responsibility to teach his own children spiritual insights.

• The Church is becoming a den of thieves

      How it grieves me from time to time when I read where a church gives away a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree if they come to church for a few weeks. That will draw only the seekers of money. Even if they stayed they will be the ones that will cause problems in the church not help it. Now we have Coffee shops, Bingo, Carnivals, drawings, and even the lottery.
“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves”. Matthew 21:12 &13

• The Church has brought the world into itself instead of preaching against it.

     John tells us that we are not to love the world neither the things that are in the world and if we do, the love of the father is not in us. This was a problem with the early church and has become a problem of today. Here are just a few of the things that have been allowed:

• Martial Arts: Nothing has been more deceptive than activities such as Karate.

     Because of it’s popularity in the 60’s and 70’s it has been allowed in the church as a way of exercise and building discipline. What it actually teaches is pride, anger and a lust for power. When someone who is a black belt is attacked, they respond without even thinking. This tactic is contrary to the commands of Christ. “.. and if any man smite thee against thy right cheek…” Marital arts have always been apart of the eastern religions.

• Dancing Young people can now go to church and learn how to dance like the world.

This causes their emotions to be stirred to lust and wrongful acts. Read Adam Clarke’s life story concerning dancing in the church.

• Day Care Centers

     Even though it gives an appearance that it is a ministry to women who have to work, it ultimately encourages women to go to work instead of staying at home with their children. Just like the day cares that are in high schools today to help girls to finish high school. In reality they are encouraging girls not to worry about getting pregnant.

These are just a few of the things that plague the church of Jesus Christ. What we need are men like Wesley, Edwards, Moody and other great men of God who are influenced not by the world, but by the Holy Scriptures. We need men who are willing to love their wives and not the things of the world and not to be influenced by their friends at work. We need women who need to realize the lost fulfillment and power that a godly wife has in the home and not in the workplace. The worse thing that Christians can do to is to be just like the world. The world needs to see us as a different people.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in heaven”. Matthew 5:17